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Visited Planet is an online travel image database with photos of general travel locations and culture but also natural disasters, developmental projects and documentary images of the third world. Visited Planet has been designed with an intention to aid impoverished people around the world. A percentage of image sales is donated to them. Read more...
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* New gallery of images from Indonesia: Mt Merapi aftermath | North Jakarta slum project | Maluku Islands (more will be added in coming weeks)
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Images in Focus Indonesia contains the most volcanoes of any country in the world. Despite the wealth these bring in terms of fertile soil for agriculture their activity brings much destruction as well. Mt Merapi is the most active of the volcanoes and last year it erupted in October killing more than 300 people and displacing 320,000.
The smoking culprit - Mt Merapi. Smoke is seen from the volcano 300 days a year. It erupts frequently the most recent being 1996, 2004 and 2010.

Homes still buried in the volcanic rubble in May 2011.

Many of the people displaced by the volcano included children. These kids, now attending a mosque school, had been able to return to their village a few months after the disaster once water sources were restored.

Photo Tips

1. Learn your camera functions and modes - the camera is designed to help you so try to discover what it can actually do for you!

2. Take care with your gear. Things easily get chipped, damaged and broken by throwing down your bag or not being as careful as you can with it.

3. Always position yourself as close as possible to the action - don't be afraid to get close.

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* Indonesia (Mt Merapi | Maluku Islands)

* Orphanage, Myanmar

* VP also supports Make Poverty History & Reporters without Borders

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All photographs on this site come from the growing personal collection of photographs taken by Joanne Lane of Brisbane, Australia. The database currently holds approximately 7500 images covering locations in Africa, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific.
Enjoy your wanderings through the site and our Visited Planet.


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